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Why Should My Station Carry A Syndicated Radio Show?

It's one of the questions we get asked most.


And it's a very fair question.


So why should your station carry a syndicated radio show?


There are many reasons why, and in this blog post I thought we’d take a look the Top 3.


Reason 1. Cost-Effective Network-Quality Programming


3 Ways Syndicated Radio Shows Can Help Increase Revenue

Syndicated radio shows are a great way to secure top broadcasting talent at a reasonable cost, but it's equally important to consider how these types of shows can also help your station maximise revenue.


In this blog post, we'll highlight the 3 main ways that a syndicated radio show can help bring a positive yield to your station.


Syndicated Radio Programming vs Network Radio Programming

So, in radio terms, what's the difference between 'networking' and 'syndication'?


While it may appear that these two terms are fundamentally the same, they are in fact quite different with some key distinctions.


A 'Network Programme' is where a station shares it's own content between sites.


This usually happens when stations are owned by the same parent company and operate under a single brand. In the UK, Capital FM is a good example of a brand that is networked across a number of areas.

How Syndicated Radio Shows Can Increase Revenue And Ratings

Delivering great-sounding content to your listeners, as well as increasing your audience ratings, are two of the key considerations you should make when choosing to air a syndicated radio show.


But the third, and perhaps MOST important question to ask, especially in today's economy, should be: can this syndicated show also help my station increase it's bottom-line revenue?


Keeping Your Station's On-Air Team Motivated

A motivated team of radio presenters will undoubtedly perform better and help make your life as Programme Director much easier.


But keeping your team motivated may not feature highly on your list of priorities when you're busy with other duties. So, with that in mind, here is a list of quick & simple ideas so you can offer motivation without it stealing too much of your time.

Make Your Radio Station Website Sizzle

In our monthly Radio e-Zine we have a regular feature called PD Tips. These are simple suggestions that Program Directors can take and apply quickly and easily.


In a recent PD Tips column we focussed on station websites and how easy it is to make your radio station website sizzle!




The Future Of Radio?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how ‘streaming radio’ is set to replace the more traditional ‘over-the-air’ broadcast radio.


The argument from those in the streaming camp seems to stem from the fact that more and more of us are heading online to consume audio (and video for that matter). These days you can listen to streaming radio on your computer, your mobile phone... pretty much anywhere.


3 Tips To Increase Your Radio Station's Ratings

Being a Programme Director for a radio station is a tough job. 


Just navigating the day-to-day job of keeping your station sounding the best it can be never gets any easier.


That's why we asked 3 market-leading PDs to share their insights. Here's what they had to say: 


Apple Rejecting Radio Apps for iPhone

It looks as though radio stations will face an uphill struggle getting their apps approved by Apple in the future.


Apple’s iTunes is reportedly starting to reject apps that feature just a single station.


According to this article published in the American Radio Magazine, Apple’s policy is now only to approve Apps that feature multiple stations.



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