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3 Tips To Increase Your Radio Station's Ratings

Being a Programme Director for a radio station is a tough job. 


Just navigating the day-to-day job of keeping your station sounding the best it can be never gets any easier.


That's why we asked 3 market-leading PDs to share their insights. Here's what they had to say: 


1) COMMUNICATE. If your aim is to increase your radio station’s ratings then you must inform every single member of your team. Whether they work on-air, off-air, on reception or out on the road, you have to tell EVERYONE. Each person has a part to play and if you help focus their mind on the big picture, you’ll get results.


2) SHOW YOU MEAN IT. It’s all well and good telling your team, but a great PD will always lead by example. Show your team that you're prepared to sacrifice your lunch-hour for an entire week to go out with your Street Team (if you have one) to help spread the word, hand out leaflets, car stickers, whatever it takes!


3) OFFER INCENTIVES. Tell your team that if you achieve your goal of increasing audience you’ll take them all out for dinner. Use 2-for-1 vouchers if your budget is super-tight. Research shows that being appreciated in the workplace makes people work even harder, so it's gotta be worth a go.


Posted by paul - Aug 2016