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January 2017

Why Should My Station Carry A Syndicated Radio Show?

It's one of the questions we get asked most.


And it's a very fair question.


So why should your station carry a syndicated radio show?


There are many reasons why, and in this blog post I thought we’d take a look the Top 3.


Reason 1. Cost-Effective Network-Quality Programming


Why Weekend Shows Are Critical To Your Station's Success

When you're a Program Director the pressure is on.

You either need to attain #1 status in your market or you need to maintain it.


It's relentless and every listener counts.


While there are no shortcuts to being #1, there are certain tactics you can use to tip the balance in your favour.


As a programmer have you considered that one of the quickest ways to get your station to #1 is to focus on your weekend output?