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Why Should My Station Carry A Syndicated Radio Show?

It's one of the questions we get asked most.


And it's a very fair question.


So why should your station carry a syndicated radio show?


There are many reasons why, and in this blog post I thought we’d take a look the Top 3.


Reason 1. Cost-Effective Network-Quality Programming


Here at Blue Revolution we invest in creating premium-quality syndicated radio shows that wouldn't be cost-effective for our network of affiliate stations to produce themselves.


Put simply, the overall cost of the show production is shared across our network, which in-turn means each individual station doesn’t have to foot the bill entirely themselves.


Furthermore, because we provide our content to stations on a market-exclusive basis, it means your listeners believe the show is created by your station especially for them.


Reason 2. Major Market Talent & World-Class Support


We work exclusively with trusted, talented and recognisable major-market presenters, all of whom come with a proven track record of delivering outstanding audiences on both a local & national level.


Add to that our dedicated team of world-class writers, researchers, music specialists and producers who work tirelessly to ensure your radio station's output is always in safe hands.


Reason 3. Quality, Consistency & Reliability


While I’m sure you could easily fill your schedule with 'free' syndicated radio shows, you also need to consider quality, consistency and reliability.


There are hundreds of free syndicated radio shows out there, but would you really trust your output (or your listening figures) to unproven shows and unproven presenters, just because they are free?


Blue Revolution Syndicated Radio Shows


We've been around for almost 14 years consistently delivering fresh programming each and every week without fail.


How many ‘free’ shows have come and gone in that time?


And when it comes to quality, there's a reason we've won so many top industry awards. It’s because we deliver programming that appeals.


But to do all this requires investment. The people we work with are industry professionals who want to make radio sound as good as it possibly can.


That’s why we ask our stations to make a small contribution to funding the shows we produce, either on a cash-basis or by trading (also known as ‘bartering’) some commercial airtime.


Each station just contributes a small percentage of the overall cost of production, but you (and your listeners) will always get 100% of the benefit.


Want to know more? Contact us today and let's see how we can help your station.

Posted by paul - Jan 2017