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How Syndicated Radio Shows Can Increase Revenue And Ratings

Delivering great-sounding content to your listeners, as well as increasing your audience ratings, are two of the key considerations you should make when choosing to air a syndicated radio show.


But the third, and perhaps MOST important question to ask, especially in today's economy, should be: can this syndicated show also help my station increase it's bottom-line revenue?


Blue Revolution has been around the radio industry for a long time and therefore has the experience and depth of knowledge to help ensure your station achieves these goals.


All Our Presenters Come With A Proven Track Record

You can be confident that all of our syndicated radio shows are hosted by presenters who have worked at the very highest levels in radio and entertainment.


You can trust these 'celebrity' presenters to help your station grow it's audience and provide real value to local advertisers and sponsors.


You Remain In Complete Control


In order to maximize the return you can make, Blue Revolution offers our partner stations two ways to make more money by carrying our programming.


  • Cash-Basis:
    For a low weekly fee, your station can secure any of our shows on a market-exclusive basis. This approach allows you to sell a sponsorship package to local advertisers at a premium price. You can decide on the 'mark-up' to help ensure you get the highest possible yield for your station.
  • Barter-Basis:
    In markets where there is advertiser-interest, Blue Revolution will provide programming to your station at no-cost in exchange for allowing us to retain a small amount of commercial airtime and the headline sponsorship of the programme. This means you can instantly save money on DJ fees.


The Bottom Line


By partnering with Blue Revolution it means your station gets all the benefits of our award-winning, world-class syndicated radio shows that allow you to significantly increase your station's audience and revenue levels.


Want to know more? Contact us today and let's see how we can help your station.

Posted by paul - Nov 2016