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The Future Of Radio?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how ‘streaming radio’ is set to replace the more traditional ‘over-the-air’ broadcast radio.


The argument from those in the streaming camp seems to stem from the fact that more and more of us are heading online to consume audio (and video for that matter). These days you can listen to streaming radio on your computer, your mobile phone... pretty much anywhere.


Now while the argument concerning migration to internet-delivered radio is true in part, it’s only fair to say that broadcast radio is still a lot more accessible than streaming radio, especially at times of emergency (which, let’s face it, is when radio really comes in to its own).


‘Over-the-air’ radio is still mass market – you switch it on and it’s there. With streaming radio you can easily be affected by a lack of signal (if you’re connecting wirelessly), network congestion, buffering, not enough available bandwidth/streams and so on.


That’s why at times of emergency you NEED something robust and reliable. That’s what traditional radio offers.


Don’t get me wrong, streaming radio definitely needs to be embraced by our industry and in time these obvious disadvantages will be resolved.


But for now at least broadcast radio still seems to be the “future of radio”.

Posted by paul - Aug 2016