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Apple Rejecting Radio Apps for iPhone

It looks as though radio stations will face an uphill struggle getting their apps approved by Apple in the future.


Apple’s iTunes is reportedly starting to reject apps that feature just a single station.


According to this article published in the American Radio Magazine, Apple’s policy is now only to approve Apps that feature multiple stations.


This decision could have a massive impact for single stations that haven’t currently got a App in the App Store, as it will essentially exclude them from reaching a huge number of iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users.


According to the article Apple says "single station app are the same as a FART app and represent spam in the iTunes store" and Apple "will no longer approve any more radio station apps unless there are hundreds of stations on the same app."


So it will be interesting to see what Apple’s latest decision has on radio stations, but for now it seems like Android owners will still be able to download and enjoy single station Apps.

Posted by paul - Nov 2015