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Keeping Your Station's On-Air Team Motivated

A motivated team of radio presenters will undoubtedly perform better and help make your life as Programme Director much easier.


But keeping your team motivated may not feature highly on your list of priorities when you're busy with other duties. So, with that in mind, here is a list of quick & simple ideas so you can offer motivation without it stealing too much of your time.

  • Value their opinion.

Remember these are the guys delivering your product. They’re at the sharp-end, they interact with the listeners. So their insights can be invaluable.


  • Don’t be too quick to criticize.

Jocks sometimes have bad days on-air, just so long as it’s not every day. We’re all self-critical and good presenters definitely give themselves a hard time over a poor performance. Just give them some space, motivation and encouragement to shine.


  • Communicate your positivity.

Engage them with your vision for the station and try to evoke a good atmosphere within the office. This ‘good feeling’ will then filter through onto the airwaves.


Radio is a place people come to ‘feel good’ whether that’s by hearing their favourite song or being entertained by something the presenter says.


There’s already a lot of negativity around (in the newspapers and on TV), so it’s important that radio retains its positivity.

And the best place to start? Inside the station itself.


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Posted by paul - Oct 2016