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3 Ways Syndicated Radio Shows Can Help Increase Revenue

Syndicated radio shows are a great way to secure top broadcasting talent at a reasonable cost, but it's equally important to consider how these types of shows can also help your station maximise revenue.


In this blog post, we'll highlight the 3 main ways that a syndicated radio show can help bring a positive yield to your station.


#1. By Attaching A Local Sponsor

Advertisers love the 'power of celebrity' and will be willing to pay a premium to associate their brand with a well-known presenter. By offering a headline sponsorship it means your station can make a significant return.


#2. By Increasing Your Audience & Revenue

Presenters who have a proven track-record can also help increase the amount your station charges for inventory within their programme. This is particularly true for stations (or agencies) who sell airtime based on CPT.


#3. Presenter Live Appearances & Events

We often work with our partner stations to host 'live events'. These events are a particularly good way to increase your stations profile both with your audience and advertisers alike. Through ticket sales, sponsorships and other opportunities, these live events can generate an impressive ROI.


So as you can see, syndicated radio shows from Blue Revolution open up a wealth of exciting new revenue streams for your station.


Contact us today to see how our syndicated radio shows can help your station.

Posted by paul - Dec 2016