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Make Your Radio Station Website Sizzle

In our monthly Radio e-Zine we have a regular feature called PD Tips. These are simple suggestions that Program Directors can take and apply quickly and easily.


In a recent PD Tips column we focussed on station websites and how easy it is to make your radio station website sizzle!




Your website is usually the first place your listeners visit to find out more and interact with your station. First impressions last, so it’s worth spending 15 minutes on your site to see if you can spot:


  • Broken Links (these can easily occur when you're updating content)
  • Missing Pages (are there links to DJ Pages who have since left?)
  • Out of Date Content (are you promoting an event that's finished?)
  • Spelling & Grammatical Errors (attention to detail goes a long way)
  • Bad Graphics or Photos (make sure they're not stretched or out of shape)
  • Out of Date Copyright Notices (make sure they all say '2011')


If your site has any of these problems, they should be relatively quick to fix. Doing so will help leave your listeners with a positive impression of your radio station.


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Posted by paul - Oct 2016