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The Kim Wilde 80s Show

Blue Revolution is proud to announce the launch of the The Kim Wilde 80s Show, exclusively for radio stations outside the UK.


Kim Wilde is best-known around the world as an 80s pop icon and a contemporary recording artist.


She is also increasingly known in the UK as a market-leading radio presenter, with a weekly show on Magic 105.4.


Kim says, “For as long as I can remember I have always loved music – singing, playing, writing, listening – and I have always loved radio too.  I am absolutely thrilled to be presenting the Kim Wilde 80s Show for radio stations around the world”.


The Kim Wilde 80s Show is a joint production between Francis Currie Consulting and award-winning syndication company  Blue Revolution.


The show is a powerful strategic tool that will allow a radio station to drive a powerful 80s image on the air, on the web and even on the ground. 


Kim adds great credibility and authenticity to any radio station that really wants to be a real 80s authority.


Kim Wilde  is so keen to work closely with the radio stations that take the show that she will actively support PR initiatives and will prioritise any requests for live appearances and performances from client radio stations so that she can really be part of the team.


KW_English_Main_300x130The Kim Wilde 80s Show can be customised and personalised for individual radio stations so that it really feels completely ‘embedded’ in the radio stations’ output.


For any radio station that truly wants to win the battle for the 80s music image, this is a uniquely powerful opportunity.


Francis Currie says, “The 80s are more popular than ever and are therefore an image for many radio stations.  The Kim Wilde 80s Show is the perfect opportunity for any radio station that wants to really ‘own the 80s’ on the air and beyond.”


Paul Hollins, Blue Revolution CEO says, “Kim has a proven track record in radio and we are delighted to be able to bring her passion to an international audience. The Kim Wilde 80s Show underlines our commitment to bringing world-class radio to listeners worldwide.”


Kim Wilde adds,  “I am really looking forward to working with all of the radio stations who take the show.  I really hope I get the chance not just be on air, but also to visit them and to join in with their station concerts and events.”


For more information and to secure the Kim Wilde 80s Show for your radio station, contact Blue Revolution.



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