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6 Super-Easy Ways To Prep Your Radio Show

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to prepping a radio show.


As a presenter myself, I recognise that what might work for one DJ, might not work for another.


It's also true that the kind of material you need depends on a number of variables:


  • Your presenting style
  • The format of your radio station
  • The age/audience demographic you're aiming for


Even if you choose to use a prep service, you'll still need to develop your own unique 'take' on things to let your personality shine through.


That's why the way you prep is very subjective.


One of the first things you'll need to do is identify the kind of content that will help you engage with your audience.


Here are six ways that might help you create that content.

1. Magazines


You should read the kinds of magazines your audience read as these can be a GREAT source of content.


You'd be amazed at the inspiration you can find in the pages even if it's not the kind of mag you'd normally flick through.


Remember you're looking for relatable content, not just the stuff that interests you per sé.


According to the most recent National Readership Survey (at the time of writing this blog-post), the magazine with the highest UK readership is What's On TV, followed by Radio Times.


So if your audience is reading those, shouldn't you be too?

2. Facebook


By keeping a close-eye on Facebook you can see the kinds of things that your listeners are talking about.


If your station targets a certain demographic profile, Facebook can be an amazing way of gathering content.


For example, if the profile of your audience shows that they love the TV show The Apprentice, scan your newsfeed to see what they are saying about it in their comments.


By picking through the comments and opinions, you can quickly tap in to a rich vein of content... and bring it to life on your radio show.

3. Twitter


Twitter is great for immediate content while you're on-air.


Let's say a well-known artist or band is coming to play in your town tonight.


First thing to do is see if they've got a Twitter account.  


If they have, follow them.


You'll get some great content this way.


For example, if that band tweet that they are currently sound-checking at the venue, you've just got yourself a great topical, relevant and timely link.


You can go on-air and let your audience know they are sounding-checking right now!

4. Something You've Heard


Been on a train and heard someone say something that caught your attention?


Turn it into a link.


Or maybe there's a conversation you've had with a friend or relative.


Did either of you make an interesting or relatable point?


Then work it into relatable content for your show.

5. Something You've Read


You may be thinking, 'hang on, haven’t we've covered this already in the section on magazines!?'


Yes, but let's broaden this out a little more.


Something you've read could include:


  • An interview with one of the artists you play
  • A blog post
  • Something from a book... perhaps even the Ikea catalogue!

6. Something You've Seen


Listeners love an insight into your life.


To them this is the on-air equivalent of walking past someone's house late at night and they've left the blinds open.


You just can't help yourself from having a quick nosey into their front room!


Listeners are inquisitive and by giving them an insight into your life, it will help them relate to you. So share with them something you've seen:


  • Is there a shop with a funny name in your neighbourhood that people are talking about?
  • Did you spot someone famous ordering spaghetti in a restaurant?
  • It could even just be a movie that you loved (and that you think your listeners will too!)

Final Thoughts


Prep is all about finding something that your target audience will relate to... and then sharing it with them.


Bring it to life in your own words and you'll find you can prep unique, personality-filled content for your show without really trying.

Posted by paul - Feb 2017