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Production - Ultimate Sound Effects

Ultimate Sound Effects


Blue Revolution brings you The Ultimate Sound Effects Library containing 1000 Sound Effects over 10 CDs.


Available on a low one-time buy-out basis, meaning you won't ever have to pay usage fees; The Ultimate Sound Effects Library is the most cost-effective collection of SFX available.


Recorded & mastered digitally for the ultimate sound quality, these sound effects are perfect for use in commercials, podcasts, promos, films, video or multimedia presentations.


1000 Sound Effects 
10 CDs 
100% Buyout

  • ambiances
  • business
  • communication
  • electronic effects
  • home
  • music
  • nature
  • reaction
  • recreation
  • sports
  • transportation
  • weather

Ultimate Sound Effects

Disc 1 Alarms, Gunshots, Explosions, Battles, Doors, Household Sounds, Situation Ambiance's, Industrial
Disc 2 Jets, Propellers, Airports, Household Sounds, Food Sounds
Disc 3 Telephones, Trains, Fuel Stations, Horses, Birds, Dogs, Cats, Farmyard Animals
Disc 4 Thunder, Rain, Wind, Walking, Running, People, Crowds, Laughing, Stairs
Disc 5 Bowling, Pool, Arrows, Tennis, Boxing, Balls, Football, Clocks, Bells
Disc 6 Domestic Cars, Racing Cars, Horns, Traffic, Motorbikes, Cycles, Police Cars, Boats, Tractors
Disc 7 Doors, DIY, Cookery, Household Sounds, Gates, Cameras, Radios, Chopping
Disc 8 Harps, Whistles, Cymbals, Maracas, Bongos, Congas, Gongs, Orchestral Instruments
Disc 9 Bugles, Trumpets, Timpani's, Drums, Hi Hats, Buzzers, Klaxons, Military Bands, Horns
Disc 10 Sweeps, Shots, Wobbles, Whooshes, Tones, Electronic and Sci-Fi effects


WAS £199... NOW ONLY £99!


CD Version

Product Price Buy It Now
Ultimate Sounds Effects Library 10-CD Boxset £99.00


  • “Absolutely excellent. These SFX are of the highest possible quality.”


    Chris Ubosi, The Beat 99.9, Lagos, Nigeria

  • “This collection of sound effects is awesome. Every station should grab a copy.”

    Polina Nazarova, European Hit Radio, Riga, Latvia.

  • “Simply amazing. The amount of effects in this collection is unbelievable.”

    Chris Jarrett, Radio Turks & Caicos, Caribbean.