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About Blue Revolution

Blue Revolution is an award-winning radio production and syndication company.


Established in 1999, our portfolio of products includes world-class syndicated radio programmes and a wide range of Weekly Programming & Production Tools for radio stations.


These days, radio listeners have more choice than ever and that's why it's so important to have the strongest, most consistent programming on the dial. 


Our portfolio of weekly syndicated programmes span all radio formats, and include the Award-Winning Totally 80s, Nocturnal and All The Hits.


Each programme is produced fresh each week and delivered as a digital download from our secure web-area in broadcast-quality mp3 format. 


Stations worldwide trust Blue Revolution to deliver syndicated radio shows that raise both ratings and revenue.


The FREE Blue Revolution Radio e-Zine is published monthly and contains articles and in-depth analysis from some of radio's most advanced thinkers and strategists.